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List of current vehicles for sale

When are the Dingwall Auctions?

The Monday Auction commences at 6.30pm

(Cars and Commercials)


The Wednesday Auction commences at 6.30pm

(Cars and Commercials)


The Friday Auction commences at 6.30pm

(Cars and Commercials)



Peace of mind...

Buying or selling at Dingwall 2020 Car Auctions will provide you with full protection. Every vehicle which passes through our hands is thoroughly checked for its authenticity and you can see the largest selection of used vehicles in any one place in Croydon.


Come and see how we operate...
If you?re buying, we have several auction sales a week, to give you a greater opportunity to find the vehicle that suits you, and because there?s no middle man, it profits you, by buying at the most competitive prices. We always have a large selection of cars and commercial vehicles. If you are selling, the advantages to you are just as great. There?s no advertising to pay for, and no wasted time waiting for people who are only curious, or don?t turn up,
You get a fast sale, quick payment, and no come backs afterwards.


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