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A Motor Auction, is an agency, operating between people wishing to sell vehicles and those wishing to purchase. However, there is more to understand about an auction than just this. Hopefully, the information contained in this web-site will give you a clearer understanding of today’s Motor Auctions.

Motor Auctions are an invaluable service within the motor industry, and have been around almost as long as the car itself. Auctions allow organisations of all sizes to dispose of, and hence replace, many tens of thousands of vehicles each year and with auctions being entrusted to dispose of surplus vehicles
on behalf of companies, franchised and non-franchised dealers, local authorities and also the Public, you can be sure of an extremely wide choice indeed.

The bulk of the cars sold at an auction reflect all popular makes and models on the road. Price, Choice and Convenience are important to remember when visiting an auction; in terms of price
, you will be pay a similar price as the Trade buyers. The choice of the makes and models of the vehicles available at an auction is tremendous, as auctions are not tied to any particular manufacturer.

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